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Invented in the 60s, waterbed mattresses were the “In” thing to own. A common sight in almost every home in the past, they have made a comeback in recent years. Comfortable, long-lasting, and offering a nod to the boho hippie culture, these unique mattresses are a must-have for those looking to break stereotypical design ideals and take a plunge in their creative interior ventures.

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The Return of Waterbed Mattress Mania in Singapore

Who would have thought that water and mattresses would ever come together to create a revolutionary product? Created before memory foam mattresses, waterbeds took the world by storm years ago. The mid-1980s was the epitome of waterbeds as they were marketed as highly desirable furniture – even by top celebrities. Why? Because furniture was typically design-focused, and waterbeds literally ventured into unchartered waters with comfort taking the front seat in its engineering process.

Promising the motion of the ocean, there is more to what a waterbed mattress can offer. Some of these benefits include:

  • Simulating weightlessness, it reduces friction
  • Extremely therapeutic as it releases pressure
  • It conforms to your body, providing optimal support
  • Does not accumulate dust

Compared to waterbeds manufactured in the past, current ones are trendier and more practical. Occupying a niche market in Singapore today, the latest models of water-filled beds are available in many styles and designs. Back to being a hot commodity, many are jumping on the water-filled mattress bandwagon, revamping their bedrooms in a groovy new way.

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