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Chic Chesterfield Day Beds to Lounge In

Sofas, ottomans, armchairs, stools, and benches – these are the standard go-to seating options for many homeowners. However, when it comes to lounging in style, there is one seating solution that is highly unrated and underutilised – a daybed. A powerhouse of style and esteemed practicality, they are the ultimate versatile seating. A cross between a sofa and a bed, its streamlined structural design is sure to boost the style factor of any room.
Versatile and stylish, the daybed is a valuable decorative element that complements any floorplan and interior design scheme. Whether its minimalism or maximalism you are going for, a vintage daybed and its charming details add both sophistication and toughness to a space. Adding panache with its refined silhouette, the polished look of a vintage Chesterfield chaise lounge chair and daybed make comfortable sitting spots by day only to convert into a bed come night-time.
Clad in the finest quality upholstery, the daybeds and chaise lounges available at Bless Brothers Singapore adds a vintage feel with its design features. Inspired by the most distinguished furniture style, the Chesterfield, our range of daybeds ooze luxury. Multi-purpose and relatively compact, they help perfectly fill out narrow spaces too.

Chesterfield Day Beds by Bless Brothers Singapore

Looking for vintage daybeds that are the epitome of class and elegance? Look no further than Bless Brothers. Offering clients in Singapore top-notch furnishing at affordable prices, we aim to be a global furniture exporter. Housing exclusive furniture designed and crafted by the most skilled professionals, our collection will give your home a luxe feel. Browse our extensive list of stylish furniture and subscribe to our newsletter for updates on new releases. For more information on our furniture and home décor, feel free to contact us.

Vintage Daybeds in Singapore

Combining style and function, a daybed is a multipurpose furniture that not only gives you a cozy place to chill but also converts into a spare bed when guests stay over. Looking to up the ante? Opt for a dramatic vintage statement piece. Levels above the humble daybed, a vintage-inspired Chesterfield day bed lends incredible decorative style and appeal to any home interior.

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