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Real Homes

Sarah Sofa
They bought our Sarah 3 Seater Sofa, Milton Daybed & TV Console.

Kios + Truffle Chairs
They bought our Kios 3 Seater Sofa, Truffle Armchairs & Maze Coffee Table.

They bought our 3 Seater Hanzada Sofa, Madella Armchairs & Dining Chairs.

Capella & Cat Video
They bought our Capella 3 Seater Sofa, Prisma Dining Table & Side Tables.

Bergamo House Video
They bought our Bergamo 3 Seater Sofa & Coffee Tables.

Midred House Video
They bought our 3 & 2 Seater Mildred Sofas.

Green Daybed + Burgandy Sofa
They bought our Milton Daybed and Ashbrook 3 Seater.

They bought our Bradford 3 Seater Sofa.

Client Visit
They bought our 4 Seater Petesburg Sofa & Fidelio Armchairs.


Maxi Lim – Actor!

Rishi Budhrani – Comedian!

Alfred – Designer Beengal Cats Owner

Young Raja – Rapper!

Sheikh Haikel – Rapper

Kumar visited Bless Brothers and fell in love with the Furniture!

Rantika Sari Dewi – Huge Influencer!

Low Thia Khiang! Former MP

Top Sellers

Top Sellers Compelation
Full Leather Sofas are our specialty! Lots of designs, colours & sizes!

Manchester Leather Sofa
Available in 4,3 & 2 Seater Options aswell as matching Armchairs in various colours!

Nevada Fabric Sofa
Our beautiful cruved Fabric Sofa.

Scala Fabric Sofa
One of our Top Sellers, this Fabric Sofa is available in lots of colours.

Bradford Fabric Sofa
This beauty is available in 3 & 2 Seater Options and has a lovely armchair too. Lots of colours avaialble.

Truffle Fabric Sofa
Our signature peice! This Fabric Sofa also reclines! Available in lots of colours.

Bucket Dining Table
This solid wood dining table set is really classy!

Truffle Arm Chairs
These are our signature Armchairs. Avaialbe in lots of colours.

Chesterfield Compelation
You’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit us!

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