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Tips for Mixing Contemporary and Vintage Style

With regards to home interior design, different styles including modern, vintage and rustic comes to mind. However, how often do we think about mixing and matching them? Currently, one of the more popular ‘mix-and-match’ designs revolves around incorporating contemporary and traditional elements together. It fulfils the checklist of balancing and proportioning colour, shape, texture and style, which is a key element in interior design. More and more furniture shops in Singapore are catering to this trend. The combination of modern and antique pieces fills a room with character and personality, producing a scheme that replicates an evolution through time. As our fast-paced lifestyles have us constantly living in the present and looking to the future, nostalgia has become a rare and valuable treasure. With hybrid design, we get the best of both worlds – the comforts of the present with a touch of the past.

Most of us might be wary of fusing different styles together for fear of clashing colours and contrasting designs, but in actual fact, blending different styles is much easier than you think! Here are some tips on creating the perfect contemporary-vintage styled home.

Plan Ahead

Before you begin, visualise the big picture and think about how the outcome will most likely look. Do you prefer a more contemporary look with a mix of vintage or a more vintage look with a touch of contemporary? What about the use of designer furniture? This will determine whether you should go for antique decoration with modern pieces or antique pieces with modern decoration. It is also helpful to base your contemporary-vintage style off a theme such as minimalist or shabby chic. This will prevent your space from looking untidy and mismatched. It takes a critical eye to incorporate time periods or design styles into your space, so ensure not to rush into buying modern and antique items just to fulfil your requirements. Wait until you can find the best items that will enhance the look and function of your house.

Colour Palettes

With a theme idea in mind, the next aspect to consider is your colour palette. Since merging new and old styles in itself already incorporates many interesting, individual elements, it is best to have a neutral colour palette that will synergise well with modern and antique accessories and decorative pieces. Getting leather sofas in Singapore can help prevent overwhelming your home as they usually come in more neutral, muted tones. Repeating colours is also a good way to tie your furniture and space together to feel like a whole. By selecting a few colours and sticking to them throughout the house, your rooms will feel unified, regardless of the number of variations in décor.

Focal Pieces

As soon as you enter a room, there should be something that catches your eye. Without one, a space tends to feel awkward and disjointed. Anchoring your decoration with a focal point creates a natural, more seamless flow. If you have a piece of furniture that stands out and doesn’t really seem to fit in any area with others, then this is the perfect opportunity to make this piece of furniture your focal point. Draw more attention and build your room aesthetics around it. Focal pieces are a great way to transform furniture that normally wouldn’t match or fit into delightful and unique works of art that truly sets the space apart from others. To match the contemporary-vintage style, your focal pieces can range from a large antique painting to a modern fabric sofa with strong, bold patterns.

Mix New and Old Furniture and Décor

To fully maximise and bring out the contemporary-vintage style you wish to achieve in your home, the best way would be to mix modern and traditional furniture and décor together. This has to be done carefully and tactfully as mixing and matching without consideration may result in a clashing, jarring and chaotic aesthetic. Chesterfield sofas are the perfect furniture when it comes to harmonising old and new elements as they are renowned for weaving together the historical pieces and modern touches. Another tip would be to group and combine pieces in a way that allows their unique charms to shine through. This is ideal for you to unleash your creativity and have fun with smaller pieces of furniture and décor! If something is not to your liking, you can always shift them around and experiment with different arrangements.    

Mixing contemporary and vintage style furniture can make for a timeless and beautiful home design. When done right, you can easily impress friends and family with this unique aesthetic. 

At Bless Brothers, we are a furniture shop in Singapore, that offer a range of both contemporary and vintage furniture to help you get started on your home design endeavours effortlessly. Contact us today!

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